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A grade of P stands for Pass (no letter grade) and TR stands for TRansfer credit


Fall 2022 (current)

  • 80713 Category Theory

Spring 2022

  • P 15819 Advanced Topics in Programming Languages
  • P 5780 Graduate AI
  • P 15996 Intro to Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Computer Science

Fall 2021

  • P 15857 Analytical Performance Modeling & Design of Computer Systems
  • P 15996 Introductory Course


My undergrad at CMU consisted of a great mixture of classes. When I was first starting out at CMU, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to specialize in because I was interested in several areas.

My competitive programming and math competition experiences from high school pointed me towards theoretical computer science and working towards an additional math major, so I took several classes in these areas. I had a peculiar interest in computer generated music, so I sampled some classes from the music department, but ultimately decided I was more interested in theoretical CS. On top of a ridiculous workload in these early years of undergrad, I was also very busy figuring myself out as a person, resolving my depression and anxiety, and growing up into the responsible adult I am today.

Around the end of sophomore year, I realized I loved the areas of logic and formal verification even more than theoretical computer science. I had already completed the bulk of my graduation requirements, so from then on, I dedicated as many courses as I could towards these areas specifically.

My senior year was a “mock phd” year where I stopped taking as many classes and focused primarily on research, although still completing the remaining graduation requirements I needed. What was originally planned as an additional math major track thinned down to a math minor which thinned down even more into a philosophy minor, giving me greater freedom to dedicate myself to the programming language field through independent research. The work was exceedingly brutal, especially due to covid making everything worse, but I am really proud to have been accepted to a PhD at CMU.

I graduated in Spring 2021 with

  • Bachelors in Computer Science (3.67 GPA)
  • Minor in Logic and Computation
  • SCS Concentration in Principles of Programming Languages
  • University Honors
  • SCS College Honors

Spring 2021, Dean’s List, High Honors

  • A 07599 SCS Honors Undergraduate Research Thesis
  • A 15414 Bug Catching
  • B 82278 Japanese Film and Literature
  • P 98000 STUCO: Teaching Practicum (Co-instrutor of Anime course)

Fall 2020

  • A 07599 SCS Honors Undergraduate Research Thesis
  • B 15411 Compiler Design
  • A 15591 Independent Study in Computer Science
  • P 98000 STUCO: Teaching Practicum (Co-instrutor of Anime course)

Spring 2020

  • A 15317 Constructive Logic
  • A 15400 Research Practicum in Computer Science
  • A 15417 HOT Compilation
  • P 15819 Advanced Topics in Programming Languages: Computational Type Theory
  • A 80150 Nature of Reason
  • P 98242 Student Taught Course: Esoteric Languages
  • B 99350 Global Cities: Smart Technology

Fall 2019, Dean’s List, High Honors

  • A 15295 Competition Programming and Problem Solving
  • B 15300 Research & Innovation in Computer Science
  • A 15312 Foundations of Programming Languages
  • A 80310 Formal Logic
  • A 80411 Proof Theory
  • P 98295 Student Taught Course: Lock Picking

Spring 2019

  • A 15213 Introduction to Computer Systems
  • A 15295 Competition Programming and Problem Solving
  • B 15451 Algorithm Design and Analysis
  • B 21373 Algebraic Structures
  • A 80419 Interactive Theorem Proving
  • P 98330 Student Taught Course: Personal Development

Fall 2018

  • B 15210 Parallel and Sequential Data Structures and Algorithms
  • A 15295 Competition Programming and Problem Solving
  • B 15381 Artificial Intelligence
  • B 21301 Combinatorics
  • A 33104 Experimental Physics
  • A 57149 Basic Harmony
  • P 98317 Student Taught Course: Type Theory

Spring 2018

  • A 15150 Principles of Functional Programming
  • B 15251 Great Ideas in Theoretical Computer Science
  • A 21325 Probability
  • B 33114 Physics of Musical Sound

Fall 2017, Dean’s List

  • P 15051 Discrete Math Primer
  • A 15122 Principles of Imperative Computation
  • A 15128 Freshman Immigration Course
  • A 15131 Great Practical Ideas of Computer Science
  • B 15151 Mathematical Foundations for Computer Science
  • A 21260 Differential Equations
  • A 57171 Introduction to Music Technology
  • A 76101 Interpretation & Argument
  • P 99101 Computing @ Carnegie Mellon

Transfer Credit

  • TR 15112 Fundamentals of Programming & Computer Science
  • TR 21120 Differential and Integral Calculus
  • TR 21122 Integration and Approximation
  • TR 21259 Calculus in 3-D
  • TR 21241 Matrices and Linear Transformations
  • TR 33141 Physics I for Engineering Students
  • TR 33142 Physics II for Engineering and Physics Students
  • TR 36201 Statistical Reasoning and Practice
  • TR 84012 AP Government and Politics: US
  • TR 85011 AP Psychology